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Division B Rules Clarifications


Be sure to monitor and read the National Rules Clarifications issued by National Science Olympiad
All rules clarifications issued by National Science Olympiad also apply to all New Jersey Regional and State Tournaments.

National Science Olympiad Rules Clarifications

Event rules for ALL Science Olympiad events printed in the 2014 Official Rules Manuals supersede any and all materials found at the "Science Olympiad Student Center Wiki" or anywhere else online. The "Science Olympiad Student Center Wiki" is not maintained by National Science Olympiad. National Science Olympiad does not publish any event rules online or any location other than the Official Rules Manual.

2014 New Jersey Clarifications

Rotor Egg Drop: the drop will be electronically started like last year. The start zone is a full 4 feet wide. The drop will be two stories this year. Exact distance will be posted on competition day. We tested several egg drops after last year's competition and they worked well in this two story stair well. The landing zone is about 6 x 6 and is unobstructed like last year. (3/3/2014)

For Events Held in the MCC Gym: Gym Dimensions are 255' x 143' x 28'