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New Jersey Science Olympiad - Scotch Plains-Fanwood Elementary Tournament
Wednesday April 22, 2009
Park Middle School, Scotch Plains, NJ

Tournament Results:

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the April 22nd Scotch Plains-Fanwood Elementary Science Olympiad tournament and especially to the trophy winning teams. Thank you to all the students and coaches for their support of NJ Science Olympiad.

1st Place - Bergen Arts & Science Charter School, Garfield, NJ
2nd Place - Terrill Middle School, Scotch Plains, NJ
3rd Place - Park Middle School, Scotch Plains, NJ

Park Middle School
580 Park Ave
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

Contact person:
Hope Swarts

Events for 2009 Tournament

Registration 9:00 - 9:30 am

Barge Building
2 students - 20 minutes
Each team will construct a barge of aluminum foil that can support a cargo. They will predict the amount of cargo the barge will hold and will load cargo until the barge takes on water.
Bottle Music
3 students - 20 minutes
Each team will tune a set of bottles by filling them to different levels with water and use them to play two different tunes
Can Racer
2 students - 20 minutes
Each team will construct one single-can racer (before coming to the tournament), which will be raced against the clock in a drag racing format
Chopper Challenge
2 students - 45 minutes
Contestants will build and test 3 choppers (rotary flying devices) using only the materials provided at the competition
Mystery Architecture
(using tennis ball)
2 students - 30 minutes
Teams of students build the tallest, most stable tower from materials unknown to them prior to the competition
Mystery Powders
2 students - 20 minutes
A team of two contestants will be asked to identify a mixture of common white household powders
Pasta Bridge
2 students - 50 minutes
Teams will build a bridge from pasta that will hold the greatest weight.
Picture This
3 students - 5 minutes
This event has teams of 3 students each competing in a contest in which one member draws "clues" for the others to guess a science term or concept.
Reflection Relay
3 students - 30 minutes
Three team members, each supplied with a pocket mirror, cooperate to bounce a light beam from a filmstrip projector onto a predetermined target.
Science Jeopardy
3 students max - 30 minutes
Contestants choose a category and a level of difficulty from the game board and view and listen to an answer to a question. The first team to respond with an appropriate question for the answer will be awarded points and will choose the next topic and level
Straw Egg Drop
2 students - 45 minutes
Teams of students build a device from soda straws to cradle an egg being dropped from a certain height.

Write It/Do It
2 students - 55 minutes total
25 minutes - Write It
20 minutes - Do It

This event tests a competitor's ability to communicate with a colleague