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State Finals Schedule Chage Log

28-Feb-2020: v1.6 - Corrected room for Forensics (C)
21-Feb-2020: v1.5 - Competition rooms aded
18-Feb-2020: v1.4 - Detector Building (C) changed to five sessions with a maximum of six teams per session
04-Feb-2020: v1.3 - Added Parasitology (C)
31-Jan-2020: v1.2 - Adjusted a few events to improve balance and event conflicts. This will be the last update of this kind.
30-Jan-2020: v1.1 - Corrected error in Division C Chemistry events by adjusting Protein Modeling
30-Jan-2020: Initial version published

Note: NJSO reserves the right to change this schedule if necessary to accomodate facilities planning and event supervisor needs. We will keep changes to the absolute minimum possible and will the impact of changes as best we can.