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Updates Log
(last update 20-Nov-2019)

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20-Nov-2019: Elastic Launched Glider (B) added at NJIT
19-Nov-2019: Circuit Lab (C) added at Camden County College. Botany (C) added as trial event for Camden County College and Union County College.
12-Nov-2019: Circuit Lab (B), Crime Busters (B) and Machines (B) added at Camden County College.
11-Nov-2019: Circuit Lab (B) and Circuit Lab (C) added to UCC. Dynamic Planet (B) and Dynamic Planet (C) added to NJIT
05-Nov-2019: Boomilever (B) and Boomilever (C) added to NJIT. Posted first batch of events for Union County College.
02-Nov-2019: Regional Team Numbers posted. Initial events posted for NJIT and Camden County College
06-Sep-2019: Regional tournament dates posted
24-Aug-2019: Turned site over for 2020